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LH Logismiki Steel Connections Software: all you need to know

Civilax has recently released the version of their popular LH Logismiki Steel Connections Software. It is a great handy tool to design connections between steel structural members.

The software works following the european code of building. More precisely, it works according to the Eurocode 3 / prEN 1993-1-8: 2003 / Part 1.8: Design of steel structures. Which is, Design of joints (Greek version 5 May 2003).

Not a standalone software per se, the LH Logismiki Steel Connections Software interacts with the FESPA application in order to obtain information about a structure.

It connects to the FESPA to get all the information necessary to calculate the maths of a joint. This includes the geometry of the members in question, and their action effects.

Moreover, the LH Logismiki interacts with FESPA to create a report of the work done in calculation, to create drawings for the same, and for other documentation.

However, this does not mean that the LH Logismiki is completely dependent upon FESPA. If the user is not interested in reports and drawings, and can supply all the data manually, then she can of course use the program as standalone.

The ?Design of Joints? module can be used independently. By using the geometry and load characteristics, a user can perform the tasks without requiring connection to FESPA.

Features of LH Logismiki: The exceptionally performing LH Logismiki Software calculates the maths about the connections between members of cross-section types in a structure. Specifically, it works on type-H and type-I members.

The software does:

Moment corrections:

1. Bolted beam to column connections with end plate,
2. Bolted beam to beam connections with end plate,
3. Column base connection to concrete fundament with anchors.

Shear connections:

1. Bolted beam to column connections with steel angles
2. Bolted beam to column connections with steel angles
3. when the beam is connected to the web of the column
4. Bolted beam to beam connections with steel angles.

Tension connections:

1. Bolted or welded connections of diagonal members.

Technical details: The LH Logismiki Steel Connections v1.12 works in a windows environment. It is available at the developer?s site here:

The software is quite small, only 45 megabytes in download size. You can download it as a RAR file.

The latest version of LH Logismiki is v1.12.0.32. It was released on December 11.

However, you will need to register at the site in order to get the download link. Once you have become a member, just refresh the page and then you?ll see the direct download link.

LH Logismiki Steel Connections Software: all you need to know