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Various types of construction joints in Beams and Columns



Construction joints are arranged in a concrete slab to describe the span of the separate placements, usually according to a prearranged joint layout.


They are designed to facilitate movements among both sides of the slab and simultaneously, they will transmit flexural stresses generated in the slab through external loads.


Construction joints should permit horizontal displacement right-angled to the joint surface that is usually stemming from thermal and shrinkage movement. Simultaneously they should not permit vertical or rotational displacements.


Construction joints are necessary if the concreting is ceased for the day or in excess of 30 minutes. In this regard, construction joints should be afforded to main the connection amid set concrete and fresh concrete. Some sample images are given below which depict the exact process for providing construction joints in columns, beams and beam-column junction.

1. Construction Joint in Column: The following sample images demonstrate exact procedures for providing construction joint in column. Construction joint in column can't be applied with flat surface or inclined surface. The top surface of the column will be uneven with visibke parts of coarse aggregates.

2. Construction Joint in Beams and Beam-Column Joint: Given below, the sample image of the typical construction joint that will be applied in beams and beam column joints.


Various types of construction joints in Beams and Columns


The arrow symbol demonstrates the direction of concreting, tick mark indicates the exact process of applying construction joint whereas cross-mark indicates the incorrect method.



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