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What Women Can Expect in 2021 in the Construction Industry

Construction is probably the first industry that comes to mind when you think of an industry dominated by men. Women make up only 10.3% of construction workers. A little more than one woman out of every 100 employees on the job site is a woman.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost half of all workers are women, which means only one-quarter of the construction industry dominates by women. From unconscious gender bias to inadequate training to the perception of women in construction, several factors explain the enormous gender gap. Women continue to carve out their place in the industry despite these barriers.

Women in the Construction Industry: Learning Resources

Construction Courses

In certain parts of the country, construction companies provide boot camps and courses for girls interested in this industry. In addition to apprenticeship programs, many cities provide training that prepares women for exams and gives them job-specific skills training.

Construction Conferences & Forums

Women in construction are celebrated and discussed at several conferences. Conference sessions address management training, gender pay gaps, and workplace equality in construction.

Additionally, women can keep up to date on diversity issues, review scholarship opportunities, and share their experiences on blogs such as Constructing Equality and Tradeswomen.

Organization for women

Women entering the construction industry can benefit from mentoring, marketing, and networking opportunities provided by national organizations such as the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and Women Construction Owners & Executives USA.

A Diverse Workforce Drives Performance

Today, the construction industry is not as diverse as it should be. Companies with the greatest gender diversity have a 25 percent higher probability of achieving above-average profitability. As 2021 looks set to be a year of growth for the industry, hiring more women would be an excellent way for you to benefit from it.

Diversity has proved as a key component of driving profitability in the construction industry, and it is integral to solving the labor shortage. A growing number of trailblazing women is chipping away at gendered norms and making the industry more diverse and inclusive for future generations.

Despite several studies demonstrating that diversity brings more success, It found women executives had a higher likelihood of working on staff (14%) than online (7%). Men in executive roles operate at a different level, with 33 percent running the operation as a line executive and 46 percent as a staff executive.

Why Companies Should Hire More Women

Including women in construction fully still requires much effort. Women need mentorship programs and training programs specific to the needs of women to increase their recruitment and retention.

Companies should also encourage more women to become role models for other women and remove gender bias from their work cultures. Schools and educational programs need to emphasize the industry's importance to encourage women and young girls to consider construction as a viable career path.

As construction jobs become scarcer, more women will be able to be hired. Although construction technology has advanced, many companies have been hesitant to use it, mostly due to a lack of staff. A shortage of IT staff in the construction sector could ease through the hiring and training of women in IT.

Wrapping it Up

It finds in the report that companies with more women in executive positions than staff positions perform better financially than non-women-in-executive positions companies.

A company with at least 30 percent female executive staff had a 48 percent chance of outperforming its least diverse competitors.

With the construction industry expected to grow by almost 2 million jobs in 2022, and new construction projects set to stabilize and return to low growth in 2021, companies are seeking to recruit more women than ever before to bring their skill sets to the industry.

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What Women Can Expect in 2021 in the Construction Industry
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