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Advantages of Vastu Shastra for development of construction

Vastu Shastra is a customary science of architecture in India that makes use of the concept of prosperity. It associates the health and happiness of a person directly with layouts and construction of a building.

Vastu Shastra is considered as the most reliable and recognized advice science. The nature includes 5 fundamental elements like energy of planets, air, water, fire and earth. Each contains its own set of dynamics and with vastu home and business of any person can be combined easily.

Vastu Shastra provides a great impact over all parts of life like health, life, education, thinking, wealth, marriage and peace of mind.

Actually ?Vastu Shastra? refers to the science of the former ?Vedic Ages? of India and under the direction; it is possible to build up the structures of the building on a specific plot of land. These principles are very much applicable in today. It is assumed that the science of ?Vastu Shastra? can manage forces of gravity and magnetic power of the earth.

The Vastu Shastra is based on the following concepts :

? If roads are situated on the northern or eastern side of the house, health as well as development of the members of the house will be better. If there are roads on the 3 sides of a house, the dwellers of the house suffer from tension and various problems associated with tension.

? While starting the digging process for setting up the foundation, ensure that the process has been started from the east, shifted to the north, then to the west, and finally, southwest.
? The plot located at the end of a road is also not right for the dwellers.
? It is good for the dwellers of the house, if there exist a door on east, northern and north eastern corner of the house. If the main door of a house exists at the southwest end, there will be less peace and perpetually tense atmosphere.

? If there is massive main door in a house, it provides various unpleasant events and the residents of the house are afflicted with various health issues.
? The doors should not be located at the southwest corners or the southwest part of the house. It is recommended that the face of the door should be situated at north or east. Doors should be opened in inside and not outside. If the door opens inside, it will bring prominent powers and positive energy. However, if the door opens outside, it will not be good for positive energy as it would positively move out the good energy away.

Advantages of Vastu Shastra for development of construction

? There should be gentle and soft colors on the walls of the house as it will produce a tension free atmosphere. Deep yellow, red or orange colored walls are not recommended as it can provide discomfort to the dwellers.
? All the apparatus or resources of the house which are associated with water should be arranged on north east area to bring fortune.
? A well or a tube well should not be constructed on the southeast end of the house. A well or tube well should be situated at center of the house to fetch good luck to its dwellers.
? If there are various plants like Tulsi, Banana, Champa, Ashoka, Aawla outside of the house, they will keep the dwellers healthy, happy and peaceful.

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