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Some useful technical terms in reinforcement

In this exclusive civil engineering article, you will be familiar with some crucial technical terms concerning reinforcement.

Concrete Cover for Reinforcement : It belongs to the distance among steel surface and adjacent exterior surface of concrete members.

Concrete cover differs for several RCC members:

Battery, Pile Cap, Footing = 75 mm
Underground column, Underground shear wall, Underground beam = 65 mm
Column over ground, shear wall over ground, beam over ground = 40 mm
Slab underground = 50 mm
Staircase, slab over ground = 20 mm

Unit weight of the steel bar

The unit weight of the steel varies for several diameters of steel.

? bar 8 mm - 0,12 kg / ft
Bar ? 10 mm - 0,19 kg / ft
Bar ? 12 mm - 0,27 kg / ft
Bar ? 16 mm - 0.48 kg / ft
Bar ? 20 mm - 0,75 kg / ft
Bar ? 25 mm - 1,25 kg / ft

No Lap Bar: Lap should not be arranged greater than 36mm dia of steel. Lapping for tension: The steel should be lapped for the tension zone with 40d where (d) stands for the diameter of the steel bar. Lap in compression zone: Steel should be lapped for compression zone with 50d.

A ton of MS bar should be tied with a folding wire and 7 to 13 kg of wire is necessary for this purpose. Normal length of Mild steel bar should be 40 feet. At least 4 No?s of steel should be used in square column and 6 No?s for circular column.

The angle of hook for stirrup should be 135 degree. Bend for vertical Bar for vertical column bars are defined as longitudinal bars, and bend is made at one end of longitudinal bar by retaining angle of 90 degree and the length should be lower than 18 inches.

End Hook for Longitudinal Bar of Beam should be provided with 90 degree

The length of hook for stirrup should not be lower than 3inches or 7.62 cm. 12: Maximum Lap in a Zone: Lapping zone in any RCC structure should be in excess of 50%.

Anchorage Length of Cantilever Member: The anchorage length of main bar of a cantilever RCC member should not be lower than 69 * D . Where D stands for the diameter of bar.

Bent Up bar: Bent up bar should be arranged adjacent to the support of slab and beam. Placing 1st Stirrup: 1st stirrup of beam should be arranged within 2? from the support.

Least Longitudinal Bar in a Column: A square-shape column should contain at least 4 numbers of bars and a round column should contain at least 6 numbers of bar.

Some useful technical terms in reinforcement