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The types of windows in construction

Various types of windows are utilized in building construction to offer ventilation, and view. There are different types of factors which can determine which windows will fit perfectly in builing.

A window refers to an opening built up in a wall, door or roof to allow light and air into the structure as well as to provide outside view. Windows also enhance the exterior building enclosure design.

Factors to choose perfect windows: Given below some vital factors on the basis of which, one can choose a perfect window in a specific area in structure.

? Position of room
? Size of room
? Direction of wind
? Conditions of Weather
? Utility of room
? Architectural standpoint

Types of Windows utilized in Buildings: Windows are categorized on the basis of their positions, materials and functioning.

1. Fixed windows, 2. Sliding windows, 3. Pivoted windows, 4. Double hung windows, 5. Louvered windows, 6. Casement windows, 7. Metal windows, 8. Sash windows, 9. Corner windows, 10. Bay windows, 11. Dormer windows, 12. Clerestory windows, 13. Lantern windows, 14. Gable windows, 15. Ventilators and 16. Skylights

Fixed Windows: Fixed windows are set to the wall devoid of any closing or opening operation. Usually, they are built up to pass on the light into the room. Completely glazed shutters are set to the window frame. The shutters typically are weather resistant.

Sliding Windows: In these types of windows, the shutters are transportable in the frame. As per your need, the move can be directed horizontally or vertically. The movement of shutters is managed with the arrangement of roller bearings. Usually, this type of window is found in buses, bank counters, shops etc.

Pivoted Windows: In this type of windows, pivots are set to window frames. Pivot refers to a shaft that can pause the shutter easily. The frame does not require any rebates. The swinging may both horizontal and vertical that is dependent on the location of pivots.

The types of windows in construction
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Double Hung Windows: Double hung windows contain pair of shutters affixed to one frame. The shutters are set one above the other. These two shutters can slide in vertical direction inside the frame. Therefore, the windows can be opened on top or at bottom to our desired level. To control the double hung windows, a chain or cord containing metal weights is provided to be attached over pulleys. The shutters can proceed to the vertical direction by pulling the weights of cord. Then, the windows can be set at the desired position of ventilation or light etc.

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