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Trimble Field Link v4.0 is just launched to the construction workflows

Trimble just launched Trimble Field Link version 4.0, the most updated version of its construction layout software that can be applied for calculating and generating layout positions for anchor bolts, hangers, cable trays and other general construction layout tasks. There are new modular software features and improved task-based workflows which function over a series of layout positioning tools.

With Trimble Field Link, the general contractors & MEP contractors can obtain a single compliant and computable solution toward layout and QA workflows. These improved features and workflows will enhance production and correctness in the jobsite as well as minimizes rework and renders higher return on investment (ROI).

Given below, the new features of Trimble Field Link version 4.0:

? Single software for all layout tasks ? There is a new, streamlined user interface (UI) and enhanced task-based workflows to function with a series of tools for both interior and exterior layout along with Trimble Robotic Total Stations, the Trimble Rapid Positioning System and GNSS receivers. Now, Field layout staffs will be able to apply the most appropriate positioning technique for unique layout tasks?devoid of converting among several controller units or field software, and no extra training.

? Modular solution ? New modular feature packs facilitate the contractors to easily execute only the required functionality as well as scale progressively with the advancement of their business. Customers begin with a basic software module with a complete range of construction layout management functionality and can include premium features customized to satisfy particular layout requirements.

? Improved layer control ? Improved features, on the basis of evaluation of the customer, provide stress-free and superior layer control contained in the model file, allowing teams to work rapidly and with better confidence.

Trimble Field Link v4.0 is just launched to the construction workflows
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? Direct interface with Trimble Connect ? UI improvements offer a continuous connection to files through Trimble Connect, a cloud-based collaboration platform facilitating the team members to avail, examine, manage and distribute project data from the cloud anywhere, at any time. 2D drawings, 3D models. The field layout points are transmitted without a glitch among the office and field by means of the cloud with Trimble Connect and Trimble Field Link. The field crews ensure that coordinated models remain up-to-date and as-built points are simply documented and delivered to the office.

Trimble also launched Trimble Field Link Office, a software that can be used to evaluate and generate layout points devoid of applying any 3D modeling or CAD programs. It is best suited for the teams lacking of in-house 3D modeling capability and those just starting the switching from manual layout methods. This software allows project managers and BIM managers to examine layout data with the similar interface used by field crews, allowing them to ensure the delivered files to the jobsite are reproduced as per their requirement. Users will also be able to easily generate or import data from 2D plans and 3D models and examine data before field layout, devoid of applying AutoCAD or Revit. Trimble Field Link Office can be accessed for a 30 day free trial.

Availability: The users can access Trimble Field Link 4.0 and Trimble Field Link Office via Trimble?s Authorized Distributors of layout solutions from Trimble?s MEP and General Contractor/Construction Manager Divisions.