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Topcon ContextCapture is a powerful construction program for construction, surveying & mapping professionals.

Topcon Positioning Group just introduced Topcon ContextCapture, a reality modeling software supported with Bentley Systems. The software is provided with Topcon unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

This software package will be very useful for mapping, construction and surveying professionals to instantly convert easy photographs and/or point cloud data into detailed 3D models which can be applied during the progression of a project.

The software package combines Topcon ContextCapture Standard and Topcon ContextCapture Advanced. The standard package will be packed with Falcon 8 and Sirius Basic/Pro. The software will facilitate the operators to handle data procured by these UAS to generate textured 3D reality meshes, point clouds and orthophotos.

By applying ContextCapture Advanced, the users get the ability to process data from any UAS. It includes ContextCapture Editor to allow operators to amalgamate reality meshes and point clouds into infrastructure workflows. The ContextCapture Advanced is combined with CAD, inspection, GIS, civil engineering, and survey workflows on desktop and mobile devices, in various formats to allow superior capacity and productivity in worldwide construction sector.

With this reality modeling solution, the mapping, construction, and surveying professionals will be capable of instantly converting UAS imagery into engineering based 3D reality models which can be applied right away and updated during the construction course to facilitate superior project outcome.

The software offers the following exclusive features :-

  • Generate accurate 3D Models from Photographs
  • Model Any Scale Project
  • Combine Models into any Workflow
  • Incorporate Georeferenced Data
  • Accomplish Automatic Aerotriangulation/Reconstruction
  • Create 2D and 3D Models
  • Publish and View Web Ready Models

In order to download this construction software, click on the following link

Topcon ContextCapture is a powerful construction program for construction
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