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Top 10 Free Electrical Estimating Software

All kinds of constructions require electrical work, and this needs figuring out how much the work will cost. Today, there are some specialized software available that are great for this job. If you are looking for such an app, here are the top 10 free electrical estimating software available.

Why should you use an electrical estimating software

Most electrical contractors or engineers may have solid ideas about a given electrical project, but it gets more and more challenging with the scale of the project. The electrical works needed for a small room can be figured out on a notepad. The estimation works of a small house can be done on a spreadsheet.

But when you are facing much larger projects, be it domestic or commercial, you will have to take help for something stronger. This is where electrical estimation software comes in. This software can provide electrical contractors with the best tools necessary to create consistent and accurate bids. These have material databases, multi-user support, instant bid summaries, dynamic takeoffs, project management tools, etc.

Here are the top 10 free electrical estimating software as per our reflection.


Available for both Windows and Mac, Stack can be run from the web too. This software provides integrated takeoff and estimating software designed for any project and any trade, not only electrical. It is great for general contractors, subcontractors, and specialty contractors, including concrete, masonry, interior finishes, landscaping, roofing, structural steel, MEP, landscaping, home builders and more.

Download Stack


Developed by SEnterpriSYS Limited, this great free estimation software is a dream come true for most building contractors. It provides takeoffs and measurements, cost estimation, jobs management, project management and automation (though this last option is not available in the free version). You also have access to extensive reporting.

Download BuilderSYS


Electrical cost estimating is as easy as taking candy from a baby in this software! Created by RIB CCS, Candy is Unique and powerful, developed to the industry?s requirement - from take-off to pricing and planning a project, controlling at site level through to the final certificate. It supports project estimating, quantity take-off, planning, forecasting, cash flow, valuations, subcontract management and cost & allowable.

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Construction project management, project controls, estimating, gantt scheduler and takeoff personnel have a lot to gain from this software since it offers so much. Methvin is a cloud-based construction agile project management solution, which caters to construction businesses such as civil and general contractors and builders.

Download Methvin

Contractor WorkZone

The ?solo? version of this excellent electrical estimating software is free, but the business edition costs substantial subscriptions. The interface is very useful. Items such as quotes and estimates, purchase orders, site diaries, daily reports, change orders, invoices and more are all easily attached and accessible from one project link in this software.

Download Contractor WorkZone


Directed mostly at field service people, this software is great at estimating work. It is targeted to the small and medium businesses, which are run by independent contractors, family, locals, etc. Available for iOS, Android, and through a desktop browser, FieldPulse business management software makes it easy to manage your service business at your office or on the go.

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YourTradeBase is a frighteningly efficient management software that saves time, takes control and makes everyone happy with smart scheduling, messaging and job sheets. It makes electrical and other estimating work guaranteed, like clockwork. With this, you can manage multiple projects with job sheets and pipelines that help you run things like clockwork, day in, day out.

Download YourTradeBase


Best used by field technicians across the business spectrum needing quick and sure field estimates, EstiFlex is easy to use, easy to maintain. A fully web based app, EstiFlex allows you to centralise, speed up, and streamline the entire process, right from the meeting through to Job completion.

Download EstiFlex

Trimble Metrics MEP

Trimble Metrics MEP is a formidably advanced piece of software that is great for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) contractors looking for a cloud-based solution to easily perform takeoff, create estimates and manage project profitability. The name Trimble is already famous for their flagship product, SketchUp.

Download Trimble Metrics MEP

Contractor Foreman

Not exactly a cost estimation solution per se, Contractor Foreman is still a great management software for residential, commercial, and public works contractors. It is an affordable all-in-one solution for small to medium sized businesses, and it is available for PC?s, phones, and tablets for greater management control on-the-go.

Download Contractor Foreman

Top 10 Free Electrical Estimating Software
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