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Top 10 Magnificent Bridges in India

A bridge is a special structure which is made of metal or concrete. It constructs to overcome physical obstacles. Bridges changed the life of people since a long time. Now India has many bridges to help the people in daily life. We will discuss about 11 bridges in India in this article. The bridges are mentioned below.

Bandra Worli Sea Link

This bridge situates in Mumbai. This bridge is made of cable. From top to bottom of the bridge cable support the bridge. This bridge is constructed over Mahima Bay and it is also considered as the most magnificent bridge in India. The bridge is opened for people in 2009.

This Bandra Worli bridge connects the western Mumbai and Southern Mumbai. Because of this bridge the travel time is reduced significantly from one hour to 10-15 minutes. It is an engineering astonishment.

Howrah Bridge

Howrah bridge is constructed over Hooghly river in 1943. It is the most famous landmark of Kolkata Infront of the world. This bridge took 6 years for construction and any single nut or bolt was used that time. The Tata Iron and Steel Company gave steel for constructing the bridge. This bridge was constructed in British era and still provides help to people of India.

Vidyasagar Setu

Vidyasagar setu also crossed over the Hooghly river and it is located in Kolkata. People call the bridge as second Hooghly bridge.

This bridge opened for people in 1992. It named after the famous Bengali Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, a reformer of society in that time. This bridge has six lanes and made of cable. It is the longest cable made bridge in India. This bridge can carry 85,000 vehicles.

Mahatma Gandhi Setu

Mahatma Gandhi setu constructed over the Ganges and opened in 1982. It is located in Bihar. This bridge connects Patna and Hajipur. Gammon India Limited constructed this 5.75 k.m. magnificent bridge and it took 10 years. India post launched a postal stamp to commemorate the bridge.

Pamban Bridge

This bridge is located in Tamil Nadu. It is the first sea beach in India. It opened for people in 1914. It was the only link between the island Rameshwaram and the mainland till 1988.

The centra part of the bridge can be opened up and it allows the passing ferries. German engineer Scherzer designed the central part. The construction of the bridge took a decade and it stands tall even after a cyclone.

Coronation Bridge

This bridge constructed over Teesta river. This bridge is located in Siliguri in Darjeeling district of West Bengal. This bridge is surrounded by lush green forests.

This bridge was named after King George VI and Queen Elizabeth?s coronation to the throne. The color of the bridge is pink which gives it a magnificent look. People also called the bridge as bagh pul because tiger statues is situated at two ends of the bridge.

Golden Bridge

This bridge constructed over Narmada river in the British period. This bridge is located in Gujrat. British built the bridge in 1881 for smooth flow in trade and to access easily in Mumbai. This bridge is very famous landmark of Gujrat. This bridge was very expensive at that time.

Godavari Arch Bridge

This bridge was constructed over Godavari river and situates in Rajahmundry. This is the best arch bridge in Asia. This bridge is the only bridge was made of prestressed bridge. This bridge took 320 feet area and it was a railroad bridge. This bridge resistance the cyclonic storm.

Jadukata Bridge

This bridge spanned over the Kynshi river. It is located in Ranikor in Khasi hill, Meghalaya. This bridge is surrounded by green forest. This bridge connects only on the ends that?s why this bridge is called as cantilever bridge. This is one of the most beautiful bridge in India.

Dhola-Sadiya Bridge

This bridge was constructed over the Lohit river. This is the longest river bridge in India. This bridge connects Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. This bridge was opened for people in 2017.

This bridge reduced the time from 6 hours to just one hour to travel between two states. This bridge also capable to carry battle tanks for border protection in Arunachal Pradesh. This bridge was made at considerable rate and it is the asset of India.


In this article we discussed about definition of bridge, top 11 magnificent bridges in India, location, construction time, cost, and purpose of the bridges. If readers like this post please share your valuable comments with us below the article.

Top 10 Magnificent Bridges in India