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Characteristics and Manufacturing Process of TMT Reinforcement Steel

TMT reinforcement steel is generally applied in reinforced concrete construction to add superior strength in tension, bending, shear along with compression. TMT steel stands for Thermo Mechanically Treated steel.

CTD (Cold Twisted Deformed steel rods) or TOR steel rods replace the decade long bamboo for construction works. The manufacturers implemented the ?Cold Twisting Process? in which the normally cooled rods are twisted through motors. So, the molecular structure of the core steel becomes feeble. It is recommended not to apply it for construction works.

Now, the TMT reinforcing steel rods are recognized in all construction works. This rod is not twisted; as an alternative it is prepared with the Water Jacketing Process and permitted to cool in the ambient condition.

There is high temperature for steel rebar when it quits the last rolling stand. They are instantly moved through a preset quantity of a high-pressure water-cooling system. This rapid cooling strengthens the outer surface and it turns to be very rigid.

The next step should be cooling at an ambient temperature that facilitates the hot core to harden the surface through thermal exchange. This leads to an exclusive tempered structure of Martensite (outer) and a fine-grained Bainite-Ferrite / Pearlite (core) that is sturdier, more flexible and mostly applicable for construction.

Characteristics and Manufacturing Process of TMT Reinforcement Steel
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