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Some construction tips to construction stirrups for RC Beam

This construction video provides demonstration on how to develop stirrups for RC Beam construction.

In concrete beams, depth always differs. If the beam has greater depth, the shear strength will be increased. If the depth is inadequate, steel stirrups should be included to enhance the shear capacity of the beam. These stirrups generally belong to one piece of steel that is bent into a rectangular shape. Small diameter steel like #3 and #4 rebar is utilized frequently. The stirrup generally wraps around the bottom and top bars of the beams.

Stirrups are rendered to retain the key reinforcement rebars together in an RCC structure. Stirrups are arranged at exact spacings to beams and columns to avoid them from buckling. Also, they defend RCC structures from collapsing throught seismic activities (earthquakes).

In India, it is general practice to construct stirrups manually at the job site itself and so they do not adhere to the prescribed standards of the Indian Standard codes.

The required strength of the structure is attained only when the stirrups belong to standard quality.

Some construction tips to construction stirrups for RC Beam