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Steps involved in constructing a diaphragm wall

In this construction video tutorial, you will learn the construction process and excavation options for a diaphragm wall.

Diaphragm wall belongs to a incessant wall that is built up in ground to allow the following specific construction activities :-

1. Similar to a retaining wall
2. Similar to a cut-off provision to provide support to deep excavation
3. Similar to the final wall for basement or other underground structure (i.e. tunnel)
4. Similar to a separating structure among important underground facilities
5. As a form of foundation (rectangular pile)

Diaphragm wall stands for a reinforced concrete structure that is built up in-situ panel with panel. The wall is normally designed to attain very high depth, sometimes up to 50m.

The construction process generally includes the following steps :-

a. Development of a guide wall
b. Excavation to build the diaphragm wall trench
c. Bentonite slurry is used to support the trench cutting
d. Inert reinforcement and placement of concrete to develop the wall panel

To get more detail information on the construction process, go through the following exclusive video tutorial.

Video Source: Piling Contractors

Steps involved in constructing a diaphragm wall