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How to find out steel cut length for circular slab

This construction video is based on steel cut length for circular slab. Standard steel can be obtained in 12 m or 40 ft length.

Cutting length for each structure design varies so you have to cut in view of this.

The dimensions and no. of steel necessary together with grade is stated in structure design. One cannot select any length instantaneously. The steel is along full dimension and is expanded with the support of lapping length in columns to column and development length in beams to column.

Circular slabs are generally applied in designing circular water tank containers involving flat bottom and raft foundations. Normally, the elastic theory is used to make analysis of stresses. Under uniformly distributed loads, the slabs deviate like a saucer and produce radius and circumferential stresses. Tensile stress is generated on the convex surface and compressive stresses are produced on the concave surface.

Tensile stresses should be arranged in the radial circumferential directions adjacent to the convex surface. As an alternative, reinforcing bars are arranged in two mutually perpendicular directions rather than in the radial and circumferential directions. Generally, adjacent to center of the slab, reinforcement is arranged like mutually right angle mesh and adjacent to the edge of the slab like radial and circumferential bars.

For this circular slab, diameter is taken as 10 ft and therefore, radius ? will be 5 ft. The center to center distance among two bars is 9? and after converting it to feet it will be 0.75 feet.

To calculate the cut lengths of different types of bars, the following formula will be applied :-
2 x Square Root (Radius2 ? Center To Center Distance2)

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How to find out steel cut length for circular slab