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Steel-Beam 2013 ? An exclusive software for steel beam & steel column design

Steel-Beam is an easy to use powerful program that facilitates the combined stress evaluation of steel beams and steel columns under combined axial and flexural loads. The Designs are evaluated with permissible Stress Design Codes by AISC ( ASD 9th Edition ), and with Load Factored Resistance Design codes LRFD 13th.

Different types of pipe or I-shaped sections are analyzed for the equivalent loading conditions. The program comprises of an wide-ranging database of standard AISC section properties and explores various equations for finding out structural strength.

Specifically, as most steel sections are formed as I members (flange and web), researchers consecutively understood that various modes of flexural failure of the flange or the web could subsist.

Because of this, codes are changed to consist of flexural torsional buckling of the flange or localized buckling of the web. With reference to axial loads, the Euler equations are refined and been changed to conform with the observed behavior of steel columns. Various investigators in the AISC committee have projected different equations that fundamentally produced the similar results (AISC: American Institute of Steel Construction).

The software contains the following features :-

a. Full report generation with all equations
b. Creates reports in Word and Pdf.
c. AISC ASD 9th codes
d. AISC, European, and British steel sections
e. Check I and pipe sections

f. AISC LRFD 13th
g. Section Optimization options
h. Check multiple sections at once
i. Customize your logo.

To download a free trial version of the software, click on the following link

Steel-Beam 2013 ? An exclusive software for steel beam & steel column design