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How to retain standard depth of foundation or footing

This exclusive civil engineering article focuses on some useful tips to maintain the standard depth of foundation or footing.

In case, the structural design is not available, the depth of foundation should be 1 meter or more than 1 meter but in any case, it should not remain under 1 meter.

The length, width and depth of excavation should be properly verified with the use of centerline method as well as level pointed on the marking pillars.

While digging is going on, the excavated material or earth should be disposed at a spacing of 1 meter from the edges.

The work should be carried on dry soil not in wet soil.

If rain water is accumulated in foundation or footing, the pumps should be provided to fully discharge the water.

While performing excavation for foundation or footing, the bottom layer should be properly consolidated otherwise it can slide.

There may be tree roots at the place of foundation but the soft places should be avoided due to tree roots.

The filling should be done for any soft or defective spot with concrete or rigid material after digging the spot properly.

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Civil Engineers

How to retain standard depth of foundation or footing