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Some exclusive Staircase Designs and their benefits

Given below, the details about different types of stairs structures which can be built up in your home or in any building at reasonable prices.

Straight Stairs: These types of stairs are mostly found in both the residential or commercial areas. This staircase contains a single path of steps devoid of any turning point among the steps. It attaches the ground portion to the upper portion of the building. It is similar to a ladder.


? These stairs are very inexpensive.
? These staircases appear as simple but contain several designs options with various types of material to add elegant looks to the straight staircase.
? These stairs can be used securely.

? The design of railings and handrails can be simply accommodated in these stairs.
? These stairs are flexible and easily customizable as per the requirement of the customers.

L- Shaped stairs: The L shape staircase is a variation of straight stairs with the bending point after a few steps in the staircase. It is also called as quarter landing stairway by providing a 90-degree angle among quarter steps on the basis of the infrastructure of the buildings.


? These types of staircase contain a privacy point among the two floors in the families.
? The visualization of these l- shape stairs is very fascinating.
? These staircases facilitate reducing the sound from one level to another since they are built up within the walls.
? These stairs are secured at the time of downfall from stairs with the turning point with regard to the straight staircase.
? These stairs are ideal for older people as it includes a rest point.
? This stairway can also be erected at the corner based on your interior design.

U- Shaped stairs: The U- shaped Stairs are also called as Half Turn stairs that produce two 90 degrees angle in equivalent position within the half turn steps. These staircases are normally applied in the large residential area or commercial areas.

The people find this type of staircase useful as there is large turning point among steps for rest.

Benefits :-

? The architectural design of these stairs can be easily made with any Construction Company
? These stairs offer a superior visual appearance in the building.
? The stairway contains the best position in corner of the building.

? This staircase contains a privacy point among two or more floors.
? It is also called as switch back stairs by interchanging the resting point among the steps.

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Some exclusive Staircase Designs and their benefits