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Stair Reinforcement Details with Bar Bending Schedule

This construction video briefly analyzes the concept of bar bending schedule for stair reinforcement. The detailing of staircase is performed via bar bending schedule.

Bar Bending Schedule, generally defined as ?BBS?, is a wide-spread list that represents the location, mark, type, size, length and number as well as bending details of a solo bar or fabric within a Reinforcement Drawing of a Structure.

Scheduling is the method of cataloguing the location, type and size, number of and all other details. With regards to Reinforcement bars, it is described as scheduling.

To sum up, Bar Bending Schedule is a method of organizing rebars for every structural unit to provide detailed requirements for reinforcement.

The reinforcement in concrete refers to simple bars or rods which are bent and fastened to a specified schedule with stirrups. The minimum diameters of bars applied at site are Y10, Y12, Y16, Y20, Y25 and R6.

Stair Reinforcement Details with Bar Bending Schedule