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Stack Estimating Software: A Must-Have Product for Construction Professionals

The right tools and training can make all the difference on a job site in terms of pace and progress. STACK can do the same for the pre-construction phase. STACK pre-construction software gives you access to lightning-fast takeoffs, customized proposals, and real-time cloud collaboration, with a central hub for streamlined plan management, fast takeoffs, and fast estimations.

Why you think about Stack

When you use STACK, you can deliver 35% more bids. With our cloud-based preconstruction software, contractor takeoffs and estimates are 10X faster & bid volumes are increasing exponentially. STACK helps you bid and win more profitable jobs to find out how it can help you.

Features of Stack

Cloud Based Quantity & Material Takeoff

The STACK software is more efficient than outdated desktop software and shreds paper and manual calculations. Our takeoff tools are flexible and intuitive, allowing you to determine quantities quickly and accurately. Cloud connectivity allows you to access plans and documents from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Plan, Spec & Document Management

Documents such as plans, specs, and other documents can be stored securely in one location, making the organization a lot easier. STACK fixes overflowing bins of blueprints and hard-to-reach file servers by making sorting and searching easy and providing quick access to the details you need.

Real Time Collaboration & Connectivity

Cloud computing is powerful, so never underestimate its capabilities. No matter where you are, whether you are at the office, on a job site, or literally in the clouds on your way to the beach, STACK allows you and all your internal and external teams to access project plans, details, and reports. You can communicate efficiently and quickly with features like plan marking, sharing, and invitations to meet or beat any deadline.

Detailed Cost Estimates & Proposals

You can use preconstruction tools and features to sharpen your competitive edge by providing thorough, accurate estimates on time in response to bid requests.

Even the most complex jobs can be simplified with STACK's intuitive tools. You can quickly create, customize, and ensure perfect profit margins with winning proposals in a fraction of the time.

Get A Demo - STACK Takeoff & Estimating

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Stack Estimating Software: A Must-Have Product for Construction Professionals