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Some useful construction tips to get rid of segregation in concrete

Segregation means parting of various concrete phases. It occurs if concrete mix is not consistent enough.

Slump Test in Conventional concrete and Flow test in Self Compacting Concrete will provide clear ideas on segregation of concrete. If concrete is not consistent larger particles will be extracted.

Some useful tricks to get rid of segregation:

Mix must be perfect enough with finest water content in order that mix should not become too dry or too wet.

To some extent, mixing time is liable for segregation although mix is designed exactly. 2 minutes mixing time is advisable. Besides, standard mixing regime should be maintained.

It is suggested to not to place concrete from greater heights. It must be arranged in its final position instantly.

Segregation also occurs due to imperfect vibration. Therefore, proper vibrator should be used carefully by maintaining standard vibration time.

Viscosity boosting admixtures are applied in Self Compacting concrete to get rid of segregation but mix design should also be examined.

Form-work should be water-resistant so that no leakage happens from mix.

Reinforcement spacing must be examined so as to concrete pours as one mix. If it is less, larger sized, aggregates should be extracted.

Some useful tricks to get rid of segregation