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Retrofitting Method of Building

It is basically a process where after manufacturing the building has to modified. The retrofitting process changes the structural system after the construction is done. The process helps to increase the performance of the building. It may also increase the amenities of the building.

Advantages of Retrofitting

  • It protects the house against seismic forces caused by the earthquake.
  • It also protects the building against flooding and other natural disasters.
  • The process helps to increase the performance of the building.
  • The retrofitting process may also increase the amenities of the building.
  • The process actually helps to stabilize the structure of buildings.

Requirements of Retrofitting

  • The structural cracks.
  • Damages happen to structural members.
  • The building has to bear excessive loading.
  • Errors in construction.
  • Erosion due to penetration of honeycombs.
  • The structural system has to be modified.
  • To prevent seismic damage.

Required Techniques to use Retrofitting:

1. Adding New Shear Wall

It is a very popular technique. The components are pre-cast concrete. This type of method is not suitable for interior modeling.

2. Adding Steel Bracing

This type of method is perfect while doing a large opening. This method provides strength, and a large opening for natural light compared to others. This method is more affordable and adds less weight than others to the existing structures.

3. Wall Thickening Technique

The walls of buildings add bricks, concrete, and steel as reinforcement to add a specific thickness. For this reason, the walls gain more strength and provide more vertical and horizontal loads. This method is done under conditions. If the walls are not covered by mortar properly then rust can be developed on reinforcement.

4. Base Isolation Technique

If isolation occurs in the superstructure of the foundation then it is called base isolation. this is the most powerful method for passive structural vibration control techniques. this method is very expensive for the common people and it cannot be applied to structures like other retrofitting. This method is not good for high rising multi-storey buildings and the buildings stand on soft soil.

5. Mass Reduction Technique

At a time from one to multi-stories have to remove in the mass reduction technique. This method also provided strength to the building more than others.

6. Jacketing Method

This is the most common method which is used in construction. This method is used to give strength to the columns and beams of a building. This method also increases the axial and shear strength of the column. This method does not increase the significant weight of the column and also saves construction time.

7. Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP)

8. Epoxy Injection Method

9. External Plate Bonding

Predominant factors while choosing to retrofit

  • Time constraints.
  • Clearance issues.
  • Seismic effect.
  • Environmental aspect.
  • Existing concrete strength.
  • Accessibility of working areas.
  • The magnitude of strength to be enhanced.
  • Cost of construction and maintenance.

The Benefit of Retrofitting

  • This type of method is used to prevent displacement from the structure.
  • Retrofitting also increases the stability and safety of the structure.
  • Retrofitting buildings are more suitable for activities.
  • This method makes a building more comfortable to resist loading.
  • This type of method helps to prevent damage to the structure.
  • Retrofitted buildings are more energy-efficient compared to others.
  • It also emits lower carbon while doing the building operations.
  • The process helps to increase the ability of residence for keeping residents safe from natural disasters like earthquakes.
  • if retrofitting is done at the home then most insurance companies have increased their insurance benefits.
  • Increasing the local capacity of the structural and non-structural elements.

Disadvantages of Retrofitting of Buildings

  • Skilled workers must need to complete the retrofitting method of the building because it is not a piece of cake for everyone.
  • There is a very little amount of limited access to the construction site is given to others while the building could be still in function.
  • The difficulty may happen between old masonry and the new concrete surface.
  • The concrete has higher strength than the old masonry structure.

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Retrofitting Method of Building