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How to recognize a concealed or hidden beam and study the reinforcement of the beam

In this construction video tutorial, you get some quick tips to identify a hidden beam & read the reinforcement of the beam.

Hidden beam stands for a reinforced concrete beam that is set up within the depth of supporting slabs. Hence, the depth of hidden beam remains equivalent as slab depth. Hidden beam is the part and parcel of modern reinforced concrete framed structures.

Hidden beams are provided for the following reasons :-

1. It saves on floor height clearance.
2. Hidden beam saves significant cost of formwork, labor, and materials.
3. It builds an suitable aesthetic appearance useful for competent interior space partitioning
4. Concealed beam clears the way for horizontal electromechanical ductwork

The hidden beams are mostly recommended for three types slabs like waffle slab, ribbed slab and solid slab.

Before studying any structural or architectural drawings, go through the following important general notes :-

All the dimensions are provided in feet and inches.
M20 grade concrete mix should be used unless or otherwise stated.
Yield strength of all tor steel should be 500 N/mm.
All concrete should be mixed and vibrated through machine.

Desired clear cover to main steel should be as follow :-

1. 40 mm in piles, 20 mm in slab
2. 25 mm in beam, 40 mm in column

All dimensions are to be study not to be calculated.

All dimensions & details should be examined with the architectural drawing unclearness and if anything is found, it should be informed to the concerned engineer.

Wherever illustrated beam bar should be anchored into column up to a length equivalent to 57x bar dia. Distance calculated from column face.

Bars should be cut and bent adjacent to openings/pockets.

There are two types of drawings for slab. In one drawing, details are given for slab along with concealed or hidden beam. In another drawing, the details about are given for beam.

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Tutorials Tips

How to recognize a concealed or hidden beam and study the reinforcement of the beam