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Benefits of Rebar/Reinforcement for Staircase

Dr. Chirag N. Patel delivers a good lecture on Rebar/Reinforcement For Staircase through this youtube construction video. The task for arranging staircase reinforcement is very complicated for construction workers. In this video, Dr. Chirag N. Patel briefly shows standard reinforcement arrangement of a staircase.

Reinforced Concrete Stairs have lots of benefits which are explained below :-

1. They contain strong fire resistance capabilities
2. They are long-lasting, solid, nice looking and be presented non-slippery
3. They are conveniently designed for higher widths, higher length and any height
4. They are moulded in any type of shape to meet the needs of the architect

5. They can be easily refined
6. Maintenance Cost is very nominal or zero
7. They can be pre-cast or cast-in-situ

8. To modify their look, R.C.C. stairs can be covered/finished with fine slabs of stone, marble tiles or terrazzo finish

Benefits of Rebar/Reinforcement for Staircase