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Checklist for quality control of Reinforced Cement Concrete Work

Given below detailed check list for quality control concerning RCC works:

1. Accomplish slump test at regular intermission to certify exact workability.
2. When concreting cubes is performed according to IS: 456 ? 2000 to guarantee the quality and strength of concrete by conducting test at 7, 21, and 28 days.
3. Create sufficient number of cover blocks and chairs according to the necessary clear cover of different members. Cover Blocks should be arranged at minimum of 1m c/c.
4. Obtain reinforcement physical test certificate from supplier/manufacturer.
5. Make sure that binding wires are amply utilized for binding reinforcements.
6. Verify spacing/length of hooks and overlaps. Laps are staggered.

7. Examine vertical and horizontal position and potency of centering and shuttering.
8. Assure that thickness/width of section is sufficient for placing vibrator; furthermore notify the design office for potential adjustment.
9. Make sure that curing is perfect for requisite number of days. Apply curing compound, in case member is not available smoothly.
10. Verify that expansion/construction joints are exactly created at proper location in accordance with the drawings.

11. Create correct access/ walking arrangement above slab for exact verification so that any damage to reinforcements can be circumvented.
12. De-bonding compound to shuttering materials.
13. Depth and width of all beams should be verified properly.
14. Dimensions, diagonal, plumb and supporting of lift pit should be checked properly.
15. All beam sides should be absolutely in line and plumb.

16. Over all cleaning is performed prior to concreting.
17. Walk-way Planks should be applied at the time of casting the slab.
18. Slab concreting should be completed in strips (Bays) to get rid of cold joints. Concrete is arranged within 30 minutes for next strip or else retain the joint active by providing one/two pans of concrete at joint and vibrate it.

Checklist for quality control of Reinforced Cement Concrete Work

19. Spare Vibrator and needless should be arranged immediately at the place of concreting.
20. oncrete should be poured from over 1 m height to resist segregation.
21. Reinforcement is set according to indicated spacing and diameter