Construction Cost Estimating


Details about RCC work in a structure

RCC work and structures: Reinforced cement concrete work is generally calculated under the following items -

The concrete work along with centering & shuttering & binding of steel bars in exact place is acquired under one item in m3.

The steel reinforcement & its bending is acquired under a separate item in quintals (cwt) or kg or tones.

No deduction is arranged for steel from the volume of concrete since the quantity of steel is too small.

Binding wire is not acquired individually, but contained in the item of RCC work.

RCC work & structure: With the nonexistence of detailed design, the ratio of steel reinforcement is as follow -

Section - Steel percentage
Beams - 1 to 2%
Columns - 1 to 5%
Lintels & slabs - 0.7 to 1%
Foundation - 0.5 to 8%

Concrete volume in slab or beam: The concrete volume is calculated with the following formula -

Length x Breadth x Height
Main reinforcement (Number ---- Length --- Weight)
Straight Bars
Bend up bars
Shrinkage or temperature reinforcement or distribution bars (number --- length --- weight)

1. Bottom bars center portion
2. Side bars

a. Upper side bars
b. Lower side bars

Centering and shuttering work contained in the RCC work. If centering & shuttering are arranged separately, the area is measured as follow :-

Area of centering & shuttering 6.00 m x 3.00 m = 18 square meter
Cost of centering and shuttering @Rs. 20.00 per square meter = 18 x 20.00 = Rs. 360
For over-lapping at joints of bars and wastage 5% of the total steel should be included.

Weight of any bar is measured by the following formula :-

Weight = cross sectional area x length x density
= [p (diameter)2 / 4 ] x Length x Density
Diameter is generally calculated in ?mm?.
The density of mild steel is approximately 7850 kg/m3
The value of p is taken as 3.14
Therefore, weight = [3.14 x diameter2 / (4 x 1000 x 1000)] x length x 7850

= diameter2 x Length x 0.00616225
= (diameter2 x Length) / 162

Details about RCC work in a structure