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RCC Lectures on construction material basics

This tutorial will provide you some valuable information about construction materials used in rcc and prestress. This lecture is delivered by Nikhil Verma.

This tutorial generally covers two basic materials of RCC (concrete and steel). This tutorial comes in two different parts. The topics below are covered nicely in this lecture:

For RCC:

  • Construction material basics
  • Design philosophy ? limit state design and working stress
  • Design for flexure
  • Design for shear
  • Design for torsion
  • Bond and anchorage
  • Design of column
  • Design of slabs
  • Design of foundation

Prestress :

  • Classification
  • Special material requirement
  • Different methods of analysis
  • Losses in prestress
  • Others- transmission of prestress
  • Deflection, cracking

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

RCC Lectures on construction material basics