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How to measure the quantity of steel for RCC slabs

This construction video will provide a tried and tested method on how to measure steel quantity with any dimension in RCC slabs in a building. Here, an easy-to-follow formula is given to measure the length and weight of all the steel bars.

For a rectangular slab, the formula for finding out the volume will be = Length x Width x Thickness

Some factors like design of the structure, load and moment functioning on the structure etc. should be considered in calculation process.

RCC is formed with concrete and steel bars. Concrete is durable in compression but feeble in tension. Therefore, the steel bars are supplied in RCC to provide endurance against the tensile stresses. The RCC drawings present each detail of the Reinforcement.

Generally, the construction engineer takes the responsibility to measure the proper weight of the steel bars. In big organizations, the responsibility is handed over to the Quantity Surveyor. In minor construction companies, it is performed by the Site engineer.

Importance of finding out the weight of steel bars

1. To figure out how much quantity of steel bars are required to purchase for the work.
2. To track how much steel bars are actually used up in the RCC work.
3. To provide reconciliation to the client concerning the steel bars issued and used up.
4. To generate a bill of the steel bars

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Engineer Boy

How to measure the quantity of steel for RCC slabs