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PE Civil Reference Manual by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE-16th ed. ? An exclusive e-book for Civil PE Exam

Books are the very crucial part of the Civil PE Exam. Various types of books are available in the market for Civil Engineering PE (Professional Engineering) Exam. Some of them are specialized in diverse subjects, whereas some other is written on the basis of morning or evening session exams.

These books will assist you to track your question-related information smoothly and instantly. Besides, these books will curtail your cost since most of the topics are included in the book and there is no need to purchase extra books for PE examination.

Book 1-PE Civil Reference Manual by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE-16th ed.

PE Civil Reference Manual (16th edition) is the newest version of Civil Engineering Reference Manual written by Michael R. Lindeburg (CERM). There are 1728 pages in the books which includes the following information :-

a. Perfecting indexing of all of the Civil Engineering Terms to avail them easily.
b. A good reference of all formulas, table, graphs, pictures and associated information.
c. A good and functional checklist of the Civil Engineering knowledge terms required to pass Civil PE Exam.
d. Get access to important support material along with in excess of 100 appendices which provide crucial information.

e. An extensive lists of glossaries of general civil engineering terms(over 550 civil engineering terms are enlisted).
f. There are also in excess of 500 worked out examples to facilitate you understanding the fundamentals.
g. This book is compatible with both SI and US Customary units.

PE Civil Reference Manual-16th edition sheds light on the following important topics in civil engineering :-

a. Civil PE Construction- Estimating and costing, Quality Control of materials and testing, Earthwork, Construction Layout, operations and methods, Health and safety during construction etc.
b. Civil PE Breadth- Planning, means and methods of the project, site development, soil, structural, hydrological, geometrical engineering.
c. Civil PE Geotechnical- Deep foundations, shallow foundations, soil and site characterization, Laboratory testing procedures and results, Field testing of materials and soil, earthquake resistance, earth excavations and procedure, sample collection procedure and methods, groundwater and seepage issues, foundation on special type of soil, Foundation on rocky soil, retaining wall and structures etc.

d. Civil PE Structural- Codes of construction, Design of structures, Detailing of structures, analysis of structures etc.
e. Civil PE Water Resources and Environmental- Hydraulics of open channel flow and conduit flow, analysis and design of hydraulic structures, groundwater engineering, waste management(collection to disposal), wastewater management, water distribution system, water quality for drinking, Treatment of drinking water and waste water.
f. Civil PE Transportation- Traffic engineering, the design of roads and highway, intersection design, design of roadside facilities and signal, pavement design, drainage design on roads etc.


PE Civil Reference Manual by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE-16th ed. ? An exclusive e-book for Civil PE Exam