Construction Cost Estimating


Learn how to calculate the number of labor, necessary for plaster work in excel

In this construction video tutorial, one can learn the detailed process through excel for estimating the quantity of labor necessary for plaster work.

Here, a table is created in excel that contains the quantity of labor per 100 square meter of work as well as rate of labor each day for 8 hours. Besides, the table contains the lists of different types of labors like head mason, mason, male worker, female worker water carriers as well as contingencies.

The rates of these labors for 8 hours are also provided. These information are collected from a standard DSR book.

Plastering work involves proportion of mortar, area of plastering, thickness of plastering, volume of plaster, 50% for voids, 10% of unevenness, cement and cement bags required for dry mortar, cost of material for cement and sand.

Some useful construction tips to work out the over-lapping length of steel bars in slab, column and beam