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How to start marking for foundation

This construction video provides detailed guidelines on foundation marking. In the video, the plan of building is given for living room and kitchen room. The center line marking is also provided with 6 numbers of columns. Initially, you have to set the base point as it is very crucial for marking. After that, a base line is arranged from that base point with a thread for fixing the second point.

The centre line of the wall perpendicular to the long wall, is marked by making a proper angle. Right angle is arranged by creating triangles with sides 3,4 and 5units long. If we set the two sides of the right angles triangle to be 3 m, and 4 m, then the third side i.e. the hypotenuse is assumed at 5 m. A steel tape should be used to fix all the dimensions.

The formula is used here as v(L2+B2).

The right angle can be fixed by applying a theodolite. This instrument is very useful in fixing acute or obtuse angles. Small right-angled Projections are generally laid out with mason?s square.

Proper marking of the foundations is specifically important for new walls to make sure that the foundations contain the exact size and are in the perfect position to bear the load of the wall. Good foundations are essential to make sure that no movement can occur because any movement can lead to cracks and problems in the building that is supported with the foundation.

To get the complete instructions, watch the following video.

How to start marking for foundation