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Categories, specification and tests of Marble Flooring

Marbles means metamorphic rocks developed with the re-crystalization of lime stones or dolomitic lime stones and are seperated from lime stone with crystalined nature and nonflaggy stratification. Marbles can be easily polished and extensively utilized in floors and walls.

Marbles are categorized as White Marble and Coloured Marble.

White Marbles usually stand for plain white marble that contains coarse grains primarily displaying mica particles to be reflected in light. Colored Marbles are again categorized on the basis of their color and contain various properties like below:

1. Plain black marble
2. Black zebra marble
3. Green marble
4. Grey marble
5. Brown Marble

Sizes of Marbles - There are numerous sizes of Marbles which can be used for various purpose. Sizes for blocks, slabs and tiles are described in table below:

The tolerance for blocks on thickness, length and width are usually +/-2%.
Tolerance for slabs for length and width are 2% and for thickness it becomes 3%, whereas that for tiles, for linear dimensions it is 3% and for thickness 1% of tolerance is permissible.

Tests for Marbles - In order to ensure the perfect quality of the marbles, the following tests are conducted in the laboratory:

1. Moisture absorption test according to IS 1124
2. Hardness test is conducted according to Mho?s scale.
3. Specific gravity test is conducted according to IS 1122.

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Categories, specification and tests of Marble Flooring