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Detailed manufacturing process of portland cement

To produce cement, different types of raw materials and methods are required. Each method is briefly described along with chemical reactions for Portland Cement production.

Cement means a greenish grey colored powder that is formed with calcined mixtures of clay and limestone. When it is amalgamated with water, it turns to be a solid and strong building material.

Manufacture Process of Cement: Given below, the detailed manufacturing processes of Portland cement Mixing of raw material -

Burning, Grinding, Storage and packaging.

1. Mixing of raw material: Some of the vital raw materials utilized in cement manufacturing are Calcium, Silicon, Iron and Aluminum. These minerals are applied in diverse forms based on the accessibility of the minerals.

Go through the following table to get the lists of raw materials for Portland cement manufacture. The mixing process for cement manufacturing is executed in 2 ways :-

? Dry process
? Wet process

a) Dry Process: Initially, both the calcareous and argillaceous raw materials are crushed in the gyratory crushers to have pieces with 2-5cm size individually. Then, the crushed materials are grinded to obtain fine particles into ball or tube mill.

A finely grinded material is preserved in hopper once it is properly examined. After that, these powdered minerals are blended in desired ratio to acquire dry raw mix that is then preserved in silos and arranged for transmitting into rotary kiln. Now the raw materials are blended in certain ratios so as to exactly keep the average composition of the final product.

b) Wet Process: Initially, the raw materials are crushed and transformed into powdered form and preserved in silos. The clay is then cleaned in washing mills to eliminate connecting organic matters available in clay.

The powdered limestone and refined clay are delivered to flow in the channels and transmitted to grinding mills where these are fully amalgamated to develop the paste called as slurry.

The grinding process is performed through ball or tube mill or even both. Then the slurry runs into collecting basin where composition is modified. The slurry consists of about 38-40% water that is preserved in storage tanks and arranged for the rotary kiln.

Detailed manufacturing process of portland cement
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