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IS codes of various types of cement

Mr. Parag Pal, the eminent civil engineer, comes up with an exclusive construction video tutorial to shed light on IS codes for various types of cements and their purposes as well as characteristic of cement grade.

Types of cements :-

Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) - IS Code ? 269-1976 ? It is suitable for general construction
Low heat cement ? IS Code ? 269-1976 ? It is useful for large construction
Rapid hardening cement - IS Code ? 8041-1990 ? It can be used for eliminating formwork rapidly

Pozzolona cement ? IS Code ? 1489-1991 ? It has good resistance capacity against chemical reaction
High strength cement ? IS Code ? 8112-1989 ? It is applied in prestressed concrete
Hydrophobic cement ? IS Code ? 8043-1991 ? It is applicable for water-proof construction

Grade of cement is based on the crushing strength of a cement mortar cube with size 70.71mm having surface area of 51 cm2 that is tested in 28 days.

To know other vital factors, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Parag Pal

IS codes of various types of cement