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How to read civil engineering drawing

In this construction video tutorial, Sami Ullah, the renowned civil engineer, has provided brief explanation on civil engineering drawing as well as types of drawings and benefits of drawings.

A civil drawing stands for a technical drawing that provides information regarding grading, landscaping, or other site details. With these drawings, a civil engineer can get a transparent picture of all things in a construction site.

A civil engineering drawing comprises of the following :-

a. Line Sketch
b. Plan, Section and Elevation
c. Site Plan
d. Line Sketch

The first sketch drawn, Line demonstration of building, Free Hand Drawing

Site Plan - A site plan demonstrates the following :-

Property lines, Outline of subsisting and projected buildings and structures, Distance among building, Distance among buildings as well as property lines (setbacks), Parking lots, representative parking spaces, Driveways and acces, Encircling streets and widths, Landscaped areas, Easements, Ground sign location, Utilities.

Elevation Drawing:

Floor Plan Relationship, Projecting Elevations, Elevation Symbols, Elevation Dimensioning

Sectional Drawing:

The cutting plane, Symbols, Drawing Sections.

For getting more details, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Sami Ullah Stanikzai

How to read civil engineering drawing