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How to prepare bar bending schedule of a column

In this construction video tutorial, you will learn how to find out bar bending schedule (BBS) of a concrete column up to 1st floor.

The calculation is based on the following dimensions :-

Footing is taken as 1200 mm
The length from top of the footing top to bottom of the plinth beam is taken as 600 mm
The width of the plinth beam is taken as 450 mm
The height of the column from plinth beam to slab level is taken as 3000 mm
The height of another beam where the slab is merged is taken as 450 mm
The overlapping length of the beam for the construction of second floor is taken as 50 d

The column reinforcement bars are built up from the Footing. The topmost column reinforcement bars are fastened at the laps and joined. Here, monitor the lap lengths carefully.

Once the main reinforcement is formed, cover blocks are connected to column reinforcements to retain the necessary cover for column reinforcement. Most of Columns centers are situated at the junctions of grid lines.

Column stirrups are secured up to beam bottom level and rest is tightened as soon as the beam reinforcement is fabricated. Therefore, proper instruction is given to the bar benders to arrange the stirrups. Use a chalk to mark the stirrup spacing from the basement floor level in the Column main bars by adhering to the detail drawing.

To know the detail process, watch the following construction video.

Video Source: All Tech

How to prepare bar bending schedule of a column