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How to analyze rate for brick masonry work

While analyzing the rate of brickwork, it is essential to ascertain the quantities of materials (bricks and mortar) and labors. There are different types of ratios for mortar which range from 1:2, 1:4, 1:6, 1:8 etc. Go through the following like to determine the quantity of mortar.

Estimating the quantity of bricks is necessary for the rate analysis.

Quantity Estimation for Brick Masonry - To analyze the rate of brick masonry, 1m3 of brick masonry is taken:

1. Number of bricks for 1 cubic meter of brick masonry:
For 1m3 of brick masonry, the number of typical size of bricks must be 494.

2. Quantity of mortar for 1m3 of brick masonry:

For 1m3 of brickwork, the quantity of the mortar should be 25 ? 30%, i.e. 0.25m3 ? 0.3m3 of cement masonry. For this purpose, cement mortar is selected as 0.3m3 .

Labor Estimation for Brick Masonry:
Labors which are essential for brick masonry belong to mason for brick work, labours for transmitting materials (sand, cement, bricks, and water), mixing and transporting mortar.

The quantity of labor is provided as requirement of labour in longer period for 1m3 of brick masonry.

1. Mason: The quantity of mason necessary for 1m3 of brickwork is provided as 0.94 days.
2. Labor: The quantity of labor for different types of works like carriage of materials, blending of mortar, carrying of mortar etc. are amassed. The labour necessary for 1m3 of brick masonry is for 1.57 days.

How to analyze rate for brick masonry work

The cost of different tools, carrying cost of materials etc. shall be perfectly assumed as lumpsum for the provided location.

Rate Analysis of Brick Masonry: Rate Analysis of brickwork depends on the rates of different materials like cement, sand, bricks, and rates for labor i.e. mason and other labours. The rates of these differ with location and time. These are acquired from the schedule of rates of specific location or obtained from local market and are multiplied with the quantities of materials and labors (estimation is already done for them to obtain the rate analysis).