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Benefits of Gypsum Plaster for construction work

Gypsum Plaster is formed by blending dry POP powder with water. After mixing it gets solidified. Gypsum Plaster is used directly on the wall as well as brick, solid or hollow block, AAC blocks, plaster boards or concrete surface to make the surface smooth.

Gypsum plaster contains good resistance capacity against fire and impact. It also contains good insulation properties. By applying gypsum, one can save huge time throughout construction. Besides, gypsum comes with greater finish. These properties bring huge benefits to the real estate builders and contractors for selecting gypsum plaster as compared to outdated cement plaster.

Benefits of Gypsum Plaster - By utilizing gypsum plaster, Contractors and Builders can get the following benefits :-

Given below the proper solutions to the above queries :-

It is possible to utilize gypsum directly over brick/block work devoid of any separate finishing. The process is very simple to use and level gypsum plaster.

Minimal heat is produced with gypsum reaction contrary to cement reaction with water. Therefore, less shrinkage cracks occur in gypsum plaster with regards to conventional cement plaster.

Gypsum gets solidified rapidly (i.e., in 25-30 mins). Therefore, painting work can be done within 72 hours after gypsum plaster is used. Prior to painting, plaster should be dehydrated.

Gypsum plaster doesn’t require any curing saving water and time throughout construction as compared to conventional cement plaster.

Significantly minimizes time with reference to traditional cement plaster
Once drying process is completed, it acquires superior strength. Long-lasting and light weight (minimizes dead load on structure).

Accurately lined, levelled, smooth walls and exact right angled corners.

Stringent quality checking is necessary for cement plaster due to cement and sand should be proportioned in a proper way. Conversely, gypsum plaster doesn’t need any kind of quality checking for application. So, supervision work does not require.

Gypsum is an easily accessible material. In conventional cement plaster, material like natural sand can’t be acquired easily. Besides, it is banned in various states in India.

Gypsum plaster has strong fire resistant capacity.

Gypsum contains low thermal conductivity. It saves huge cost of electrical required for heating and cooling rooms in a building. It is also used for decorative purposes and can be molded into various shapes.

Benefits of Gypsum Plaster for construction work
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