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Guidelines to measure earthwork fill & cut area

This civil engineering tutorial teaches you how to measure road pavement structures asphalt (aggregate base-WBM) & sub base and earth work fill and cut square meter area with coordinates method as well as making calculation of slope stack (toe point) in excel with formulas.

This tutorial is very useful for surveyors and surveying engineers.

Earthworks: Earthworks belong to engineering works which involve the moving and/or processing of huge quantities of soil or unstructured rock.

Earthwork is performed to restructure the topography of a site to attain the design levels. Earthwork comprises of cutting and filling to get the desired topography.

Cutting: Cutting stands for the method of excavating earth material from a work location or borrow pits to obtain the required topography.

Filling: The filling is the method of moving the excavated material or extra earth material to a work location to obtain the required topography.

Uses of Earthwork: Generally, earthwork is conducted in the following projects:

1. Road works
2. Railways
3. Irrigation project such as canals and dams.

4. Other common uses are land grading to restructure the topography of a site, or to settle the slopes.

Earthwork Calculation Methods: The following methods of earthwork calculation are mostly recognized :

? Section method
? Average method
? Division by Square method
? Contour method

While performing earthwork calculation, initially, it is required to survey the site to find out the site elevations of the obtainable earth at different points of the work site. All the calculations are performed based on these values.

To learn the detail calculation process, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Surveying Engineering Design Information

Guidelines to measure earthwork fill & cut area