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Oasys develops GSA Bridge version 8.7 for efficient structural design

Oasys develops GSA Bridge version 8.7. It is the inherent part of the GSA suite of programs. The bridge designers can use this construction program for designing any type bridge precisely.

GSA Bridge is very user-friendly and smoothly analyze any bridge to automatically explore range of probable moving load and discover the most vital one for the structure.

GSA Bridge contains the exceptional footfall module that is useful for vertical footfall analysis on any structure. All the data can be accessed through rich text or spreadsheet-friendly format and therefore, it can be matched with the other tools on an engineer’s desktop consistently.

This exclusive construction program has been utilized in some award-winning projects ranging from the Infinity Footbridge, the Falkirk Wheel, and the Gatwick Air Bridge.

Main features:

Bridge load optimization: GSA Bridge measures the vital loading systems on a bridge on the basis of national and international design codes. It considers the bridge alignments and vehicle paths, and the designers are capable of either applying standard vehicles or describing their own. GSA Bridge is specifically designed for footbridge analysis and rod bridges, either in steel, concrete, timber or other materials.

Footfall analysis / human driven vibration: As designs get better, the consequential structures become lighter and more flexible to human driven vibrations. Therefore, footfall driven vibration is considered as an vital serviceability design requirement for office and residential buildings, foot bridges and staircases as well as vital for serious situations in hospitals and laboratories.

GSA Bridge can help to discover the footfall response over the complete structure providing complete contour plots and detailed graphs and thus accurately demonstrating the location of problem areas. The designers can look into economical design solutions and suggest the clients how their structure will behave to human driven vibration.

Steel design: Verify your steel structure to the wide array of international design codes ranging from American, British, European, Australian, Indian, Hong Kong or South African..

Oasys develops GSA Bridge version 8.7 for efficient structural design
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Concrete slab and wall design: Estimate the reinforcement requirements for concrete slabs and walls to international codes ranging from America, Britain, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, India or Canada. GSA Bridge not only considers the bending moments, as well as all torsion and in-plane forces to make sure that your structure is designed for all the forces it encounters.

Present the results in both scaled contour plots for rationalisation and design calculations for both reasonable construction and design confidence.

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