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Requirements for a good Staircase

A stair is a set of steps that are typically present inside the building and generally leads from one level to another. A staircase is a set of stairs together which makes it a structure containing a stairway. The space of opening occupied by the stair is known as a stairway.

A stair consists of many elements that are connected together such as treads, risers, stringers, balusters etc. Stairs can be made from different materials such as timber, wood, stone, plain cement or concrete.

A good stair must provide an easy, safe and quick mode of communication between the various levels of the building. The staircase is an important feature of a building and the staircase tends to bring charm and dignity to the building if built carefully.

While designing a staircase the requirements of a good stair must be considered, the requirements are as follows.


  • The staircase should preferably be located such that it can be accessed from every corner of the building.
  • The staircases must be ensured to have enough proper light and ventilation.
  • The staircases should have spacious and convenient approaches and must be accessible without any sort of trouble.

Width of the Stair

  • A staircase should be wide enough so that anyone can easily use it without any inconvenience.
  • The width of the step varies on the type and location of the building in which the staircase is constructed.
  • The generally adopted average value of the stair width for public and residential buildings should be 1.8 m and 0.9 m respectively.

Length of Flight

  • The flight of the stairs should be restricted to a minimum of 3 steps and a maximum of 12 steps. If the design is more than 12 steps a landing in the middle must be provided.

Pitch of Stair

  • The pitch of the stair must not be more than 37 degrees in any kind of stairs as being at a larger degree will make the climbing more tiresome and dangerous.
  • The slope should not be exceeded more than 400 and should not be less than 250.


  • The stairs should be constructed using fireproof materials and the materials should have enough strength to resist any kind of impact.

Balustrade and Railings

  • The open well staircases should be provided with balustrades and railings, to avoid any kind of possible accidents. In the case of wider stairs, balustrades and railings should be provided with handrails on both sides.


  • The width of the landing must not be smaller than the width of the stair.


  • The inauguration of winders in a stair should be avoided if possible. They increase the cost of construction and are dangerous.

To get more details, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Civil Engineers

Materials for construction

  • The materials used in the construction of the staircase should be such that they provide sufficient stability and strength, sound insulation, fire resistance while also maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the stair that compliments the look of the building.

Therefore before constructing a new staircase all of the above requirements must be met.

Requirements for a good Staircase