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GEO5 is a powerful construction program for Geotechnical analysis

GEO5 belongs to a slew of programs for geotechnical analysis. The software package consists of separate programs which are narrowly associated with each other and operate in the similar location. Each program can provide solution for a particular geotechnical issue. This construction program can execute common geotechnical engineering tasks as well as make analysis of tunnels, building damage because of tunneling, strength of rock slopes etc through extremely advanced applications.

GEO5 includes extensive range of robust programs which are supported with analytical methods and the Finite Element Method.

With Analytical methods of calculation (e. g. slope stability, sheeting design), the users will be able to design and analyze structures instantly and competently. The designed structure is transmitted into the FEM application where the general analysis of the structure is done with the Finite Element Method. It will save significant time for the designers as well as improve the safety of the design by comparing two self-regulating solutions.

GEO5 Geotechnical Software Package includes the following :-

Finite Element Analysis, Foundation Design, Sheet Piling Design, Retaining Wall Design, Slope Stability Analysis, Underground Structures, Settlement Analyses, Digital Model of Terrain

Demo version of GEO5 has the following limitations :-

1. saving data is not permitted
2. output reports are noted with notice "Demo version"
3. Not all soil characteristics can be accessed

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GEO5 is a powerful construction program for Geotechnical analysis
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