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Excel Spreadsheet Design for Engineering Calculations

This is some tips and tricks of Excel Spreadsheet; Sarah Outzen in San Francisco has projected this.

1. It is divided A, B, C, D to P and 1 to 39. Upper vertical column consists of Bridge variable, Joint XY, values, fx, fy, angle (rad).

The vertical column adjacent to number consists of Outer, Inner, Span and Load.

2. It is an additional credit assignment.

The real overthrow was "drawing" the bridge bind: both the bridge and the load "arrows" alter in shape. With bright use of an X-Y scatter plot and cell admission.

This sheet expresses compression and blending rafter. Then, it comes wooded information and ACD.

3. This was part of a multi-sheet project for the total design of an A-frame wood structure. The cells comprise NDS 2005 code calculations and specifications. The sheets represent length, width, tributary area.

4. This is the spreadsheet for seismic check of a 5-story moment frame building. This sheet is typically interior.

5. RBS (Reduced Beam Section) spreadsheet. This is basically concrete design calculator.

Excel Spreadsheet Design for Engineering Calculations