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Download a wide array of electrical tools (MS Excel spreadsheets)

We help Electrical Contractors with the task of taking off precise materials lists from drawings or the original electronic plans for your estimates. Calculate distances, areas and volume quickly, and utilize the customizable bill of materials to counts and calculate costs approximately.

Download Electrical tools (MS Excel Spreadsheets) which are very useful for electrical engineers to apply in their daily project.

In today's modern world electricity is the most essential thing of any house hold, office, factory or any construction. So you need to do estimation for this must required field of project. You need many things like wire, light and other fittings for this work.

This electrical estimating spreadsheet will simplify the electrical estimating process as well as curtain the time significantly for performing numerous estimates of cables, voltage drop, different selections of circuit breakers, capacitors, cable size and lots other.

A proper estimation will help you to do an accurate budget for the electrical purpose. So before hiring an electrician, this will be helpful to understand the feasibility of the project so that the owner will be able to add anything within it or he has to cut down something to meet the budget.

The experienced electrical engineers, programmers and renowned electrical equipment manufacturers have joined hands to create these awesome estimating spreadsheets.

In an electrical estimation sheet you will find the total costs for materials, labours, overhead and profit and with it there is a list of work included in the price. Some basic knowledge and experience is needed to create the electrical estimating sheet because of the complexity of the electrical systems.

So you need to hire any estimator to do the estimation. QTO is one of the leading names in the field of estimation. Just send us your electrical drawings, mechanical drawings, specification and any other option through mail with the due date of the project. And get an almost accurate electrical estimating sheet within the given time frame.

Go through the following lists of electrical estimating spreadsheets :-

Electrical tools (MS Excel Spreadsheets)
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