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Download sample spreadsheet for short column design

A column is defined as short or long column on the basis of its length to width ratio. A column is treated as short when the ratio of its effective length to its least lateral dimension does not go beyond12.

If the ratio of the effective length to its lowest lateral dimensions surpasses12 the column is taken as a long column.

The short column generally collapses because of crushing whereas long column collapses because of buckling.

Given below, the sample of a Short Column Design Spreadsheet that can be used to create the design of short columns only. This spreadsheet is suitable for short, square, circular column under axial load only.

The spreadsheet is very user-friendly and offers the reference for the relations and formulas utilized.

The user has to fill the yellow cells. The system will make calculation for the blue ones. Green will provide the final result.

The following formulas are utilized in this spreadsheet in a loop for producing a function.

+ , / , – , *
Roundup, RoundDown
“text Here” & CellNo. & “text Here”

To download this sheet, click on the following link

To get more clear conception, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Civil Inside

Download sample spreadsheet for short column design