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Download Reinforced Concrete Staircase Design Sheet

Reinforced Concrete Staircase: Reinforced concrete is considered as most vital among all the materials required for making the construction of stairs. The easiest type of staircase comprises of an inclined, reinforced concrete slab.

It provides support to its ends wih beams, and steps are formed on its upper surface.

The reinforced concrete staircases offers the following benefits :-

• Outstanding fire resistant capability
• Long-lasting, robust, delightful appearance and can be smoothly delivered non-slippery.
• The staircases are designed for keeping the perfect widths, longest extents and any height.
• The staircases can be molded as per required shape to fulfill the needs of the architect.
• The staircases can be cleansed without any difficulty.
• The maintenance cost is very low.
• They can be pre-cast or cast-in-situ.
• To enhance their appearance, thin slabs of stone, marble tiles or terrazzo can be added to the stairs

Design principle and support system:

To select specific type of stairs, consideration should be given on the loading condition as well as the size of the staircase hall and the loading condition the size of the staircase hall.

Various stair arrangement in case of R.C.C.

• Single Straight Flight Stairs
• Inclined Slab Stairs With Half Space Landings
• String Beam Stairs
• Crancked Slab Stairs

• Cantilever Stairs
• Spiral Stairs

To download the design sheet of reinforced concrete staircase, click on the following link. Reinforced Concrete Staircase

Download Reinforced Concrete Staircase Design Sheet
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