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Importance of doubly reinforced beam in concrete design

This construction video tutorial will highlight the variations among singly or doubly reinforcement beam. Doubly reinforcement is most crucial for construction. In this video, you will learn the importance of doubly reinforcement section in concrete design.

There are two zones in beam compression zone and tension zone. Normally, we arrange reinforcement in tension zone and it is called as singly reinforcement. While going to design heavy structure, substantial load of slabs is transmitted to beam. Therefore, extra strength is required for this purpose. To withstand this load, reinforcement is also provided in compression zone. It is known as compression reinforcement.

In a beam, if there are both tension reinforcement and compression reinforcement, this arrangement is known as doubly reinforced section or doubly reinforced beam.

Doubly reinforced section is also essential in the following condition :-

If the size of beam (BxD) is constrained because of headroom clearance and architectural point of view, doubly reinforced beam should be provided.

Doubly reinforced section is also essential when bending moment is generated in beam. In a beam, there may be various conditions like simply supported condition, continuous condition, cantilever etc. In these conditions, specific bending moment is produced. Singly reinforced section fails to satisfy it, to withstand this bending moment, doubly reinforcement section is essential.

To get more information, watch the following construction video tutorial.

Importance of doubly reinforced beam in concrete design