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Different methods for Pile Installation

Pile Installation Methods (Techniques)
? Different types of methods and special equipment are utilized for setting up of piles.

? Installation methods comprise of consideration and employment of proper field techniques for stockpiling, execution, and perfectly driving each pile to the preferred final position inside settled tolerances.

? The designer should have adequate knowledge concerning the specific equipment and methods which can be utilized for pile installation to lessen axial and lateral resistance or injure the pile in definite circumstances.

Pile Installation Methods (Techniques)
? Piles created with (wood, steel and concrete) are driven, drilled or hoisted into the ground and attached to pile caps.

? To get rid of injures to the piles, throughout design phase, installation methods and installation equipment should have been chosen cautiously.
? The installation process and method of installations both are considered as vital factors regarding the design process of pile foundations. The pile installation methods are categorized as follow:

A) Pile driving methods (displacement piles)
B) Boring methods ( non-displacement piles)

A) Pile driving methods (displacement piles): Methods of pile driving can be categorized as follows:

1. Dropping weight (Impact hammers)
2. Vibration (vibratory hammers)
3. Jacking
4. Jetting
5. Explosion

? Hammers are normally segregated into two groups, impact and vibratory. Impact hammers are raised by hand or automatically with steam, air or diesel, and may also be single or double-acting.

? These hammers are sized by the highest "rated energy" (foot-pounds) theoretically accommodated as kinetic energy in the ram just prior to impact. This rated energy is not essentially engrossed by the pile.

? Vibratory hammers which are charged electrically or hydraulically, normally contain a changeable operating frequency range (vibrations per minute), and are usually rated by "eccentric moment" (inch-pounds) and "driving force" (tons) for a specified frequency.

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Different methods for Pile Installation