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Details of Bill Of Quantities

A bill of quantities (BOQ) stands for a document to be utilized for tendering purpose in the construction industry / supplies. In a BOQ, all the details for materials, parts, and labor (and their costs) are indexed. The cost consultant (generally a quantity surveyor) develops the document (BOQ) and it includes project related measured quantities of the items of work recognized with the drawings and specifications available in the tender documentation.

It performs as the most effective tool for making communication between the parties (Client, consultant, contractor) of construction project. BOQ can also be described as a schedule that sorts, details and measures the materials and other cost items which are applied in construction project. It should be noted that the direct costs; indirect costs are included for finding out total cost of the project which are contained in various parts of the BOQ.

Significance of BOQ: BOQ must be applied in each stage (pre-contract; post-contract) of the project but requirement of BOQ varies according to diverse contract agreements; project. The main applications are given below -

1. It offers the fundamental concept concerning the project by providing the quantities to tenderers.
2. It describes the scope of the work. (But it should be recognized in accordance with drawings; specification as well).
3. It provides estimated or projected contract sum. (very essential to client)
4. It offers a basis for valuation of variation. (Variation should be explained briefly)

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Details of Bill Of Quantities
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