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Detailed process for measuring formwork

Measurements of formwork (shuttering) is necessary for disbursing the payment to the contractor for finishing the concrete work. The payment to contractor is made on the basis of whether the cost is contained within the concrete construction per unit quantity or payment is made individually for formwork, as described in the conditions of contract.

The formwork is calculated on the basis of the area that is adjacent to the concrete surface.

As for instance, the formwork for concrete footing is measured as the surface area of four sides of foundation only. Bottom of the footing will be supported on earth without requiring any formwork and top of footing will be open.

From the above footing plan and elevation, the formwork area can arranged as follow:-
2 x (2 + 3) x 0.6 = 6 m2

Likewise, for a reinforced concrete beam, the quantity of formwork is considered as the combined surface area of two sides and bottom of the beam.

Problems occurred in measuring formwork:

1. Generally, the forms are utilized repeatedly in concrete construction. But the payment is measured on the basis of the total contact area of the formwork with concrete and reprocessing of the forms is not considered. Therefore, the price per unit area of formwork is decreased for reprocessing of the forms. Aluminium and steel forms are reprocessed for several number of times as compared to wooden forms.

2. Complex shape of concrete can increase the charge for installation as compared to the simple formwork installation due to the labor cost and incapability to reprocess these forms.

A construction plan is necessary to reprocess the forms several times to make the construction cost impressive.

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Detailed process for measuring formwork