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How to design a single column footing

This construction video tutorial will train you with detailed processes for designing a single square column footing.

In this video, the proper solution is given to the following problem :-

Design a single column footing on the basis of the following criteria :-

1) Column = 14? x 14?
2) Steel grade= fy=60 Ksi
3) fc? = 3 ksi ( for footing)
2) fc? = 4 ksi ( for column)
3) sL.L =260 kips
4) sD.L = 390 kips
5) bearing capacity = qa = 6 ksf 5? below the grade

A footing belongs to an expansion of the base of a column or wall in order to disperse the load on the supporting soil at a pressure satisfying its properties.

Footings are designed for retaining the functional loads, moments and forces and the motivated reactions and to make sure that any settlement which may happen must be completely identical and the safe bearing capacity of soil should not surpass.

How to design a single column footing